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Do you dream of the perfect wedding in tropical paradise? Get hitched at a sunset wedding venue, on the sandy beaches with the never-ending Indian Ocean as the backdrop, or tie the knot in style, with a grand wedding in a hotel in Colombo, Kandy or Dambulla. Whether you’re looking for a conventional wedding, a traditional Sri Lankan wedding inclusive of Kandyan Dancers and the intricately detailed Kandyan Wedding attires or an intimate wedding at a beautiful church with just the two of you exchanging vows, planning a wedding in Sri Lanka just got a lot easier!

The following requirements are applicable when getting married in Sri Lanka:

The persons getting married will need to be a resident in Sri Lanka for at least 4 days before the wedding

The following documentation must be produced to the persons organizing the wedding 4 weeks prior to the wedding day:

Photocopies of the birth certificate - originals to be produced prior to the wedding day

Photocopies of the passport (valid for at least six months from the date of entry) - originals to be produced prior to the wedding day

Details of the couple to be married (names, addresses and occupations)

Details of the parents of the couple to be married

Signed affidavits confirming the marital status of the bride and groom signed by a solicitor

A Decree Absolute providing the lawful termination of the previous marriage if either party has been married before

Death certificate of the former spouse if either party has been widowed

If names have been changed prior to the wedding, legal proof of change of name stamped and signed by a solicitor should be produced. The same applies to a divorced lady who has reverted back to her maiden-name

Minimum age to get married without parental consent is 18 years old. If either party is younger, there should be evidence of parental consent in the form of a sworn affidavit

The Marriage Registrar will provide an official marriage certificate in the Sinhalese with a certified duplicate copy in English language after certifying it at the Foreign Ministry

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