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Meditation in Sri Lanka is the ultimate release from anxiety, tension and stress. It is known that meditating even for a few minutes can have positive effects on your mental and physical wellbeing. Known as ‘Bhawana’ in Sri Lanka, meditation has strong roots in Sri Lanka due to Buddhism and various other ancient religions that were present in the country’s long history.

Buddhist meditation has two main categories:

1. SAMATHA or TRANQUILITY meditation trains the mind to concentrate on a sole object

2. VIPASSANA or INSIGHT meditation trains the mind to observe many objects at a time

There are many Sri Lanka meditation retreats, a few of the most well-know are:

1. Kanduboda Meditation Centre

2. Nilambe Meditation Centre

3. Dekanduwala Meditation Centre

4. Dhamma Kuta

5. Lewella Meditation Centre

If practiced correctly, meditation can add long-lasting benefits to you improve your life such as lower stress levels, increase self-awareness, the ability to connect better with others and improved focus.

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