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Caving Sri Lanka


Delve into the unknown and discover mysteries that were hidden away for millions of years! Caving, also known as Spelunking, is the recreational activity of exploring cave systems. The difficulty and danger associated varies with each cave so no two caving experiences are the same! It is a daring activity that’s ideal for those who enjoy adventure and exploration.

As most outdoor activities, caving is usually done in groups and it’s a must to have a guide with you as a lot of the ecosystems in these cave systems are unique and visitors need to be wary of disturbing the biodiversity within these fragile ecosystems. Even a simple touch can damage a cave system irreparably.

Sri Lanka has various cave systems that can be explored, of which Waulpane is the most famous. This 500-million-year-old cave system is located in the beautiful Buluthota Rakwana mountain range in the Ratnapura district. The subterranean streams and beautiful caverns offer unique photography opportunities.

Caving requires a lot of preparation! Hard hats, halogen lamps and lights, coveralls, insulated clothing for wet cave systems, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and ropes are considered essential to explore these caves safely.

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