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Camping Sri Lanka


What would you say to sleeping in the open air, under a sky full of stars and nothing but a warm campfire to keep you company? If living among nature is your calling, then camping in Sri Lanka would be the ideal activity for you.

Sri Lanka’s climate and unique flora and fauna brings its own distinct flavours to this popular recreational activity. The diverse landscapes from riversides, jungles, mountain plateaus and plantations offer various camping experiences throughout Sri Lanka. Several national parks, adventure parks and many other camp sites littered all over the country means that you will never run out of camping options.

The camping gear required for sites can vary with regard to the conditions of the camp site and the general weather in that area. Lightweight tents with rainproof covers, groundsheets, hurricane lamps, portable stove/heater (as national parks do not permit open fires due to the risk of wildfires) water purification tablets, first aid kits, knife and rope are the basic of all recommended gear.

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